제목Received the guitar2007-04-04 12:53:00

Received the guitar Monday and it is quite different than my other.   

The things I noticed were: 


1. The projection was very good - first noticed when I was tuning the strings. 


2. The overall craftsmanship was excellent. 


3. One of the best things about it was the balance of the tones on all strings 

  and the overall sound. 


4. The sustain is twice what my other guitar has; 

    It was most apparently on Malaquena which has a series of 4 hammer on notes. 

    I was having problems with my other guitar of having volume by the end of the 

    4th note - No problem with your guitar. 


5. The double top is worth the extra money and so is the custom rosette and 

    the inlay on the tuning area 

    I feel that not only is it a fine guitar but a work of art. 


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