제목나의 8현 기타...2012-05-26 13:16:06


Please forgive me for typing in English! My keyboard isn't working properly this morning! 

Once I got back home with the beautiful guitar, the first thing I did was cleaning my place for I wanted to play the guitar in a fresh clean environment. 

That seemed to give the strings sufficient time to bring out the potential it got. 


Though I couldn't play the guitar properly, especially due to my neck and right hand trouble, the sound was something I couldn't experience in so many other guitars by luthiers both from overseas and Korea. 

The volume and projection was spectacular on top of the superb balance across the whole strings and registers! 

The frequent complaint about the sound quality of double top guitar, saying that the bigger volue is not really guitar-like, is totally groundless! The beauty of the sound made even the simple arpeggio practice quite pleasant to listen to. 


The only thing remaining is to hope to get the feel on my right hand and fingers after the neck surgery scheduled next week! 


Thanks a lot, master Kim. 

You are truly a master in lutherie and I hope to keep in touch with you


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